Tradition & Innovation

Premium quality is guaranteed!

All our puzzles have been produced for over thirty years in the European Union (Poland) in accordance with the stringent requirements of the European Standards. Thanks to the combination of traditional European manufacturer reliability with a constant search for innovation, you get the highest quality product in its category. Experience, quality, ongoing innovation, and ever-growing collection, placed our brands among the most recognizable puzzle brands in the world.

Perfect combination of:

state-of-the-art machinery used during production
reputed best European suppliers of raw materials
in cooperation with amazing artists and photographs
passion for puzzle & long term experience

Quality Assurance Process:

Our Jigsaw Puzzles are renowned for their superb quality and durability. Furthermore, their beautiful, vibrant artwork is nothing shy of museum quality. It is all achieved thanks to the Quality Assurance Process:

• System:
Full control of the production process - from scratch to the finish. Projects, tools, production, logistics -> All-in-House. All that makes that all processes are fully under Trefl's control.
• Production:
100% manufactured in European Union
• Materials:
All raw materials like cardboard, paper, inks, etc., are made in Europe and provided by best European suppliers:
o Blue or Gray Cardboard - appropriate thick cardboard made of recycled paper;
o Special non-reflecting calendared paper;
o High-quality & Eco-Friendly materials including inks for printing (vegetable or soy based)

• Standards:
Our Puzzles are Examined & Certified with European Standard EN-71
• High tech solutions:
Top press facilities, laser equipment and precise die-cut technology, ensures perfect interlocking pieces.
• Collections:
Combination of both - tradition and modernity. Product Development Team creates challenging puzzles for adults and youth, working with amazing artists and leading creative agencies. Many designs are created by internal creative team.

Jigsaw puzzles assembling is a rewarding and relaxing pastime.

We dedicate our assortment for young adults, their parents and grandparents. Piecing together Jigsaw Puzzles is a perfect way of having a great time together with the family and friends. Our Jigsaw Puzzles are ideal for gluing, framing and hanging on display on the wall. In a nutshell Jigsaw Puzzles are great because they: • improve IQ scores, concentration, short-term memory, cognitive skills, patience, systematic and goal setting; • develop hand-eye co-ordination; • sharpen your creative thinking and problem-solving skills; • enhance powers of observation, concentration and precision. JigsawPuzzles are wonderful stress reliver, providing relaxation and unforgettablefamily experience.